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Jared C. Nov 02, 2016 662 views

How would you make a decision between pursuing a career in community management vs. marketing vs. social media?

Many of our students are evaluating multiple options. What are the differences between these professions? When is the right time for students to choose? What would you do to decide? What are some of the "if you like X, you might be a fit for Y" tips related to the community management,...

marketing community-management social-media

Brice J.’s Avatar
Brice J. Mar 09, 2020 259 views

What are some prerequisites that you feel are mandatory to have in the field of literature and journalism?

I'm very reserved and reticent, but with that comes a serene mindset able to endure the crudest of times that require absurd patience. I am willing to partake in any tribulation or lengthy assignment if it corresponds with my will. My linguistic skill in my native tongue is rather astute, but I...

writing journalism scripting

Paajcha Julie X.’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie X. Apr 14, 2020 421 views

What is being a copywriter like?

What are the work hours for you? Are you self employed or work for a company? How do you come up with convincing scripts? Do you work in teams or on your own? Do you work remotely or on site? work career marketing business advertising advertisement copywriting copywriter sales job...

writing online networking

J B.’s Avatar
J B. Apr 22, 2020 251 views

What is the traditional path to becoming a journalist in this day and age?

journalism writing I am a 15-year-old student at a tech school in Massachusetts looking to become a journalist, as stories are important to me, truth is a necessity to me, and writing is my...

Tara W.’s Avatar
Tara W. May 14, 2020 608 views

What are some good opportunities for people who want to study marketing?

Hi there, My name is Tara, I'm currently a junior at Prospect High School. I would love to study marketing and potential information systems. Currently, I'm looking for new opportunities and people to meet. marketing business career college...