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Ashley L. May 14, 2016 725 views

Is it worth pursuing pre-med for a biomedical engineer?

I will be studying biomedical engineering in college and I want to know whether it is worth going to med school later. #medicine #engineer #pre-med #biomedical-engineering...


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Kyrstin D. May 05 176 views

What types of programs should I learn if I want to be a chemical engineer?

Aloha, My name is Kyrstin D. , I'm a college student working on a Chemistry BS major, and I want to be a chemical engineer. I'm currently working as an administrative assistant at an electrical engineering company, and I was wondering if any of the programs used at my company would be good...

#chemical-engineering #engineer #chemistry #engineering #chemical-engineer

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Nivethitha G. May 16 89 views
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Robert B. May 16 104 views

What is on the MCAT

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katerina B. May 18 134 views

How many weeks is this internship?

I am a second year university student who is interested in public health and health policy management. I am looking for opportunities where I can gain transferable job skills and create lasting relationships. #internship #healthcare...


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Marie E. May 18 360 views

what kind of work do surgeons do?

I know they operate what else do they do #medicine #surgeon...