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Tarah H. Jan 20, 2018 1066 views

If you could go back in time and give yourself any time management tips, what would they be?

I have not done a great job managing my time, but I am working to get better at it as I finish up high school career. I know that I will have a lot more free time in college, and I do not want to spend it all binge watching Netflix....


Hailin G.’s Avatar
Hailin G. Apr 23, 2020 566 views

How did studying abroad shape your career?

I am currently a student at UW. I am interested in studying abroad (specifically Tsinghua University) during my junior year. Out of curiosity, what are your favorite aspects of studying abroad? How did it shape you and your career? Which part of the experience stood out to you?...

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Isabelle B.’s Avatar
Isabelle B. Jun 03, 2020 1018 views

What do you wish you knew before going to college and deciding your major?

I have one more year left of high school and am currently looking into colleges and majors to decide where I will be applying to in the fall. As excited as I am for the future, I am very new to all of this and want to make the right decisions when it comes to paying for college, choosing the...

college-major college-admissions college college-advice

Prince S.’s Avatar
Prince S. Jun 06, 2020 411 views

I am 16 bout to be 17 what job can I do that age

I like to sing cleaning up and just being myself...


Cirs S.’s Avatar
Cirs S. Jun 09, 2020 496 views

What career should I study in college

I'm crecative, like writing, art, like working hard. I don't like history or math. But I don't want to major in art, and I don't know if journalism is for me. I want something useful for the future so I can get a good job....


Michal T.’s Avatar
Michal T. Jun 09, 2020 405 views

What is the best way to bring attention and members to your non profit organization?

I'm in the process of starting a NPO focused on the lack of women in STEM and the empowerment of female leaders. women-in-stem engineering business...


Jowell M.’s Avatar
Jowell M. Jun 10, 2020 1037 views

Any advice for a upcoming college freshman?

I will be attending Old Dominion University majoring in Cytotechnology college...


Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Jun 10, 2020 387 views

Should English be my minor or 2nd major?

I have committed to my college as a psychology major. I am looking at a career in either (or both, if possible) research psychology or editing and publishing. Do you think I can land a job in editing when English is only my minor? Is it worth the extra effort to double major? How do minors...

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