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Florence’s Avatar
Florence Apr 24 210 views

Hello, I want to get my Masters, but I don't want to take out a lot of loans. I have a BA in Liberal studies- Integrated concentration. What scholarships are available ?

I am a African American woman and a first generation college student. I currently live in a title 1 school district and hope to get a teaching job at one of the schools.

Aarju’s Avatar
Aarju Apr 25 289 views

How do I find travel funds to go to the US for my grad school I am an international student aspiring to learn Entomology in the US.#Spring24?

Travel- grant to study in the US grad school.

Jeaneliz’s Avatar
Jeaneliz Jul 30, 2023 206 views

How can i start studying my dream career as a high school student?

i love animals and always have, what sites or places can i visit to learn more about what i want to be as an adult

Anne’s Avatar
Anne Jul 30, 2023 275 views

What doe it entail being a history professor at college level ?

Hopefully medieval history. Just curious.

Laa’s Avatar
Laa Jul 28, 2023 315 views

What classes should I take in the future ?

Im 10th grade and I want to know what classes I should take in the future to become better at designing clothing.