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Student Voices by CV .. Oct 16, 2015 1237 views

What is the distribution of men and women in the law industry?

This question was asked by Kristin in Cambridge who one day hopes to attend Harvard Law School. Her dream is to move to the Silicon Valley and work in venture capital law. #law #business-law #business-lawyer #corporate-law #venture-capital...


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Anina H. Apr 28, 2016 3964 views

Do companies need full time lawyers? What are the differences between being in law within a company and being in law at a law firm?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. One of my younger brothers is very interested in becoming a lawyer, and I just recently found out that you can be a lawyer and work at a tech company (and others, not law firms). Do you like working as a lawyer for a...

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Regan O. Jan 16, 2018 5518 views
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olive P. Jul 26, 2020 405 views

What category of volunteer work is best for someone who is interested in studying law?

Volunteering is really important to me, before COVID I was volunteering every week through an organization for children and families facing magical challenges. I am still doing projects and teaching through Zoom with them but I am also really interested in adding another volunteer opportunity...

#law #volunteering #career #student #covid #lawyers #volunteer #students

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Ethan C. Jul 26, 2020 286 views

What careers does a law degree unlock?

Other than practice (solicitor or barrister or in-house) and consulting, what other career paths are commonly taken by law graduates? #july20 #law #legal...


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Claire G. Aug 15, 2020 199 views

Hi! I am seeking advice on how to get an internship in the law field, preferably at a law firm or something of that kind?

I am a junior in high school from New Jersey, I am interested in pursuing a career in the legal field. I do Forensics at my school, which is a big commitment, so I am hoping for an internship that is flexible with a high school schedule. Anything helps, and thank you! #internships #law...

#political-science #internship

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Kenny B. Sep 09, 2020 195 views

What are those unheard law specializations?

Everyone knows of the injury and insurance lawyer, the real estate lawyers, and defense attorneys. However, what are those lawyers that we barely hear of, but are still have an interesting role. I know there are dozens of specializations in law, but what are some of the unheard ones. Would like...

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Abby C. Sep 09, 2020 213 views

Should I become a lawyer and how do I do it?

I am in the eleventh grade and I have always wanted to become a lawyer. My aunt is one and we always talk about how interesting it is. I have done some research and I think I want to work as a legal counsel for corporate or as a public defender, leaning more towards legal counsel due to the...

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