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Tabrynn’s Avatar
Tabrynn Sep 01, 2017 557 views

As a landscape architect, will it be possible for me to implement more landscapes and green into big cities? #landscape architecture

My dream as a landscape architect is to implement rooftop gardens, window boxes, and varieties of other things to make big cities greener. I want to know how possible it would be for me to do that after I graduate from the landscape architecture program, and if I can do that through a firm or...

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 24, 2018 520 views

Which engineering career is best for someone with a bachelors in civil engineering that would make the most impact on improving environmental conditions?

I am asking because I have been passionate about solving the environmental problems around the world since I was in elementary school, and I am currently majoring in civil engineering because environmental engineering is under the civil engineering branch. Although I can just major in...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria May 12, 2016 6060 views

Is it hard to find a job as a chemical engineering major?

I am worried I will waste my education for a major that won't be useful. #chemical-engineer

De'Leon’s Avatar
De'Leon May 26, 2016 1144 views

Is It hard to start up and own a business?

Because I want to have my own business one day #business #entrepreneurship

Richelle’s Avatar
Richelle May 25, 2016 949 views

What's the best way to stand out in a college with a lot of students?

What you do with your college years are important when searching for jobs. But what kinds of things will make you stand out? #college #job #student #graduate #interviews #advice #alumni

Jocelin’s Avatar
Jocelin Aug 24, 2016 1284 views

How difficult is it to become an environmental engineer if you're currently studying Environmental Science?

Currently studying earth and environmental science, but I am curious if I could do environmental engineering with my degree as a career. #environmental-science #environment #environmental-engineering #environmental-services

Scarlett’s Avatar
Scarlett Feb 27, 2015 4880 views

Where do chemical engineers work ?

Where can a chemical engineer work other than lab ? And what is the job description ? I want to know what are the criterias and the characteristics of a chemical engineer (personality, passions, style,.. ) to see if this agree with mine because I am studying chemical engineering but I don't...