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FIRM MANAGER at Fannie Mae
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Elsa Jul 07, 2017 60370 views

What are some good questions to ask a potential employer during an interview?

Usually at the end of an interview, the hiring manager will give you the opportunity to ask some questions about the position or the company. Are there any questions that you can ask that will make you stand out to the employer as the main candidate? As well, as there any questions to avoid...

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jul 10, 2017 6096 views

How much time do you have to make a first impression?

I know that first impressions matter, that they are extremely important. Does anyone know exactly how long you have to make a first impression?
Thank you!
#marketing-and-advertising #information-technology-and-services #financial-services #customer-service

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Mar 10, 2016 3422 views

What kinds of extra curricular activities and/or jobs or internships do you recommend I get while in college to best prepare for a career in investment management?

I want to be sure that I'm doing everything I can in college to make sure I get a job right after graduation. What are some things I should be aware of and prepare for to be sure I don't fall behind the competition? #college #finance #internships #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Jul 07, 2017 950 views

Do you still have to take the SAT even if your going to community college?

I feel like I already know the answer to this but I just want to ask the community and get some trustworthy feedback. # SAT #community college #college

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Mar 10, 2016 1635 views

Do you have to be a good public speaker to have a career at PIMCO?

I am not a good public speaker and fear that that's important if I want to pursue a career in business (specifically investment management). How important is it? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing #public-speaking

Rob’s Avatar
Rob Mar 15, 2016 1593 views

Why did you attend the business school you did?

I'm a sophomore in high school and just starting to look into colleges to apply to next year. Are there certain schools you recommend I apply to if I want to ultimately have a successful career in business? I'm wondering why it is you chose to go to the school you did - what appealed to you?...

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Mar 10, 2016 1393 views

Do you work against strict deadlines in investment managment? How do you handle that kind of stress?

I work well when I don't have a strict deadline. I get way too anxious when I have to have something done by a specific time so I'm afraid I'm not cut out for a career in investment management. Can you share how often you are working on a deadline and how important those deadlines are in your...

Brendon’s Avatar
Brendon Mar 10, 2016 1130 views

How do you know if you have what it takes to beat the market in an investing job?

Investing seems like a really competitive job because I think in order for you to make money someone else needs to lose money. For the investors in the group, how did you get the confidence to believe that you could be smarter and make better investments than all of the rest of the people...

Hashir’s Avatar
Hashir Nov 10, 2016 1141 views

Private Loans vs. Federal Loans. What are the pros and cons?

From what I can understand there are many types of loans for undergraduate or graduate school. Can anyone explain why I should choose a federal loan over a private loan or vice versa? #college #finance #financial-services #student-loans #federal-government #fafsa

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle May 07, 2016 851 views

Saving Money for College?

Hi! I am saving money for college as well as applying for all the scholarships I can. I have a job and I save about $200 a month. I feel like I'm not making progress however. What methods of saving money could I use to make this process continue more quickly? #money

Raven’s Avatar
Raven May 08, 2016 907 views

How do you supplement your income?

I am concerned that I will struggle financially with a teacher's salary. #school #financial-planning

Gabrielle ’s Avatar
Gabrielle May 09, 2016 826 views

I want to major in neuroscience and biology, but the work may be strenuous. Will I be able to take on the taxing work while playing soccer, too?

My name is Gabby and I am a senior in high school. I will be attending a liberal arts school with an amazing medical program. I want to become a neurosurgeon, but I also want to play soccer. I am asking this question to know if I am being too ambitious by taking on too much. #school #soccer...