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Jennifer Oct 31 153 views

Future career goals?

I want to do something in the stem field but I'm not really passionate about anything

Jim’s Avatar
Jim Oct 30 195 views

What are some Jobs that will allow me to work in tech/google?

I'm a high school junior and would like to learn more about the tech field. I would love to learn about the different opportunities the tech field offers.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Oct 31 124 views

How to effectively manage transition to computing?

Hi, As a student of a conversion master's degree in Computing, I am struggling to understand how to plan the transition in my career efficiently. I would appreciate advise in the topic. I studied Business for my bachelor's degree and have two years of work experience in global marketing, now...

kevin’s Avatar
kevin Nov 01 178 views

What are some resources to become a software engineer?

what type?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 05 176 views

What majors complement an accounting minor?

Specifically, degrees other than business administration. Would software engineering/systems analyst be an option? I could work on accounting software/automating repetitious parts of accounting. I'm open to ANY suggestions!

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Aug 31, 2021 386 views

Whats Work like for Information Security Analysts.

I'm a Student enrolled at Job Corps going in for training in Computer Networking and Cyber Security. I am curious about the work environment of Information Security Analysts. I'm wondering about things like what are some of the daily tasks, is there variety in them, is the work schedule...

Jeaneille’s Avatar
Jeaneille Aug 05, 2021 440 views

Cybersecurity engineering and application security engineering

Hi guys I wanted to know what kind of certification or degree do you need to get for cybersecurity engineering or Application security engineering #engineering #information-technology #computer