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Arsh’s Avatar
Arsh Sep 27, 2021 347 views

how do i become a successful businessmen?And what course do i need to take?

I am in 9th grade.#student

Jayelyn’s Avatar
Jayelyn Nov 30, 2021 459 views

How do you know what best major suites you ?

#college-major #major #college

Cailen’s Avatar
Cailen Oct 19, 2021 557 views

what courses should you take in college if you want to pursue a career in sports marketing?

#sports #marketing #professional #sports-management

raymond’s Avatar
raymond Sep 21, 2021 468 views

Is Urban and Regional Planer a good job?

I am interested in becoming a Urban and Regional Planner. I want to find out if it is a good job to start. #odlh #career #job #business #career-counseling #internship

Weam’s Avatar
Weam Jul 02, 2021 1445 views

How do I apply for a job when I have no work experience or have done any volunteer work?

I am a newcomer and find it hard to start.
I need to start building my resume. #resume #volunteer #first-job

Nestor’s Avatar
Nestor Sep 18, 2021 870 views

What can I include in my CV if I have no experience

#resume #first-job

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Sep 18, 2021 884 views

How do I figure out what career I'd like to pursue in the future?

All my life, I've only been exposed to the most generic careers. ie. careers in the medical field, law, computer science, engineering, education. I've done research, but because I've only seen those select few careers in action, I'm not really sure what interests me. School isn't exactly...

Humayun’s Avatar
Humayun Jul 27, 2021 568 views

How I can get American Master Scholarship 2022 as an international student from Pakistan?

I need master scholarship in America as I am in final year of my BS geophysics degree. I can’t afford american best educational institution but I wanna to get this opportunity for high standard education. #scholarship #student #scholarship
#scholarship #financial-aid #money

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Sep 17, 2021 683 views

What are some of the few ways to catch up or self learn for any coding-related careers?

I really want to pursue a career in programming, but only have a little experience with programming. I am also applying to college in a few months, and wanting to major in CS. Should I self learn or catch up, and should I be worried?
#career #math #computer #programming

DeBond’s Avatar
DeBond Sep 17, 2021 429 views

Can I do abroad study if I transfer from a different school?

I wish to go to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. I first want to go to city college for general courses then transfer but I also would like to study abroad. My question asks if I were to transfer after my second year, am I able to go study abroad on year three. #study-abroad #college

Dejah’s Avatar
Dejah Sep 17, 2021 474 views

What made you decide this career fit you?

#Fashiondesigner #Purpose #career