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Saadia A.’s Avatar
Saadia A. Aug 25, 2019 168 views

which field of computers is best for designing different objects such as furniture, and lots of other objects

I have the interest of making design of every object in the world ; )...


asim A.’s Avatar
asim A. Mar 08, 2019 240 views
mustafa A.’s Avatar
mustafa A. Nov 20, 2018 249 views

i am not a biology student, how can i get to work with animals?

i am a computer science student but i regret not choosing biology as i love animals. i just want work like coyote Peterson. please advise me about some careers in which i can work with animals without studying biology #biology...


Maryam N.’s Avatar
Maryam N. May 27, 2016 451 views

Can financial aid cover living expenses in america?

I am from a developing country Pakistan , and i am financially disadvantaged but i am good at studies. i need to know this information in order to apply for american universities....


Talha J.’s Avatar
Talha J. Sep 01, 2017 516 views

How can I get more scholarships for college????

All the scholarships I have been applying to are just $1,000. I know money is money and receiving any kind of that for college is good, but I just want to help my parents out more. If anyone can help me figure that out, I will be grateful! #collegeisstressful.. #college #scholarship...

#financial-aid #scholarships

Mubashar S.’s Avatar
Mubashar S. Mar 15, 2017 376 views

How to survive yourself in competitive engineering field?

I want to ask the question to improve my knowledge and to let inform my fellows to maintain their selves in the emerging and competitive...

Maryam N.’s Avatar
Maryam N. May 27, 2016 372 views

Which university offers maximum financial aid for international students?

I am from Pakistan which is a developing country , and I belong to a financially disadvantaged family. My dream is to study in america or europe. I have gpa of 3.9 in high school. i want to study English or International affairs a s a major, and i need maximum financial aid for pursuing my...


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