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Raymond Shreve

Jack of most trades
Legal Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Panama City Beach, Florida
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Frankie’s Avatar
Frankie Feb 04, 2022 539 views

Should I be a valorant esport player

Valorant is my favorite game and I'm an average player #gaming

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 19, 2017 869 views

What would you recommend to a high schooler debating to go to college?

What are the long-term and short-term pros and cons to college, according to your experience? What would you advise a high schooler who is unsure if college is the correct path? #college #career #highschool #life-experience #undecided

Anonymous’s Avatar
Anonymous Jun 11, 2021 803 views

Does anyone have a list of Scholarship that you have applied for?

Here's some things you should know about me that may be helpful: - I'm first generation -I am a rising senior - I'm in AZ -I've taken Honors classes -Play Varsity Sports - I volunteer - I'm in HOSA and serve as a state officer ( - NHS -Advocate for my city's youth (Buckeye Youth...

se’s Avatar
se Jul 15, 2021 999 views

Confused if i should choose psychology as my career option!!

Hi, i was wondering if choosing psychology would be a great choice after my 12th. I would like to know from professionals and experienced people working in this field. i would also like to know some of the merits and demerits for choosing this subject. thankyou :) #psychology #career #college...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Oct 06, 2021 436 views

What advice would you give me when I have my first job?

#advice I am a young man who belongs to the job corps school, I am training to be an electrist

David’s Avatar
David Feb 04, 2022 472 views

Beside learning computer science in class what other resources I can use?

I choose to major in computer science in college but I only a senior in high school right now. What can I do to get me ready #computer-science #computer

William’s Avatar
William Feb 03, 2022 783 views

Do you need to be good at building objects in engineering besides math?

I'm a junior in high school that wants to major in engineering. I'm also taking classes to achieve my major. However, I wonder if you need to be good at constructing objects in engineering besides being good at math. #engineering #math

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Feb 03, 2022 415 views

What is one major obstacle that prevented you from finishing your career goal?


Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Feb 03, 2022 524 views

What I want to do is reach a point in life where I don't have to worry about money, any tips?

#money #advice #career

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Feb 03, 2022 536 views

How do you get an internship?

During college, I'd like to intern in marine biology. #biology #internship #marine-biology

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Feb 07, 2020 679 views

Where would you say a good location for underwater welding jobs be.

I am going into welding with the intent to perform underwater welding.


Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Feb 02, 2022 365 views

How precise does welding have to be?

I like to make things and put things together #welding