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Saeed Azari Tavana

Automation| PLM admin | CAD specialist | Programming
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
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carlos’s Avatar
carlos May 16, 2023 626 views

What skills prepared you to become an automotive engineer?

auto motive

Esteban’s Avatar
Esteban May 17, 2023 239 views

Which soft skills are essential for a career as an automotive engineer? What made you stand out above other applicants?

My career is an automotive engineer and this is for a assignment. It would be great if you would answer thanks.

Kub’s Avatar
Kub May 16, 2023 182 views

What would you tell your younger self about being a automotive body worker ?

The good the bad and the ugly

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 25, 2022 394 views

Why Automotive?

to all those in the Automotive industry, what made you choose auto? #automotive

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 25, 2022 616 views

What is it like to be an Automotive Engineer?

I'm looking into becoming an Automotive Engineer as my ultimate career goal and i would like to see what i'm going into before i start my path. #automotive