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Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Jul 04, 2022 986 views

How should I go about connecting with people in my field?

Hello, I am a student enrolled in Cascades Job Corps, studying a trade in IT. I plan on going into the software-dev field, and I'm looking for advice on how to connect with others that have been through similar career paths. Thank you!

Manuel’s Avatar
Manuel Jul 15, 2022 579 views

Hello, This question is directed towards any professional.

What would make you as a professional more inclined to give advice on this website? or what are some improvements you would like to see?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26, 2022 972 views

What are some tips to prepare for college applications?

I'm a rising senior and a first generation student. The whole college application feels new to me and it looks like it's a lot. What are some tips that you have?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26, 2022 1119 views

Does your workplace value your mental health?

It might be a silly question but I'm genuinely curious about people's prospect. This is all because you're replaceable once you're 6 ft under so why not take care of your mental health?

Apongnwie’s Avatar
Apongnwie Jul 23, 2022 630 views

How to have a remote job

I am a student residing in Africa precisely Cameroon, I just unable to afford my tuition due to internal displacement. Please I need help how can I have a remote job like data entry (excel) that can help me finance my studies in order to attain my dreams of becoming an accountant?