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Krystiara Apr 25 157 views

Why did you pick this industry?

I'm looking to become a nurse anesthetist.

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Brooklyn Apr 21 225 views

Nurses, What is the best advice you got in high school that has stuck with you?

I hace almost finished my first year of high school and I am taking college course through dual enrollment with a nearby community college. This year has been stressful and I am struggling to stay motivated.

Mayla’s Avatar
Mayla Apr 16 192 views

Why is it so hard to focus on school?

School is so easy but it's so boring and I tend to tune all of my lessons out. I've been noticing that even since 1st year I've been bored and uninterested in school. Any tips or suggestions to help?

Lander’s Avatar
Lander Apr 17 226 views

How Can An Early College Education Benefit Me In My Path To Becoming A Registered Nurse?

I am a sophomore student at the Clint ISD Early College Academy, and I am currently taking both AP Classes and Community College Classes, and I have always been wondering how all these classes and credits will be able to benefit me once I graduate and go to college. For those who don't know, an...

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Mar 28 165 views

What education is usually needed to become a Critical Care Nurse ?

I plan on going into community college and getting my associate's degree to be a critical care nurse. Would I need to get a higher degree? What certifications should I get? Thank you in advance.

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Mar 14 198 views

how can i become a registered nurses?

i want to know how to become a registered nurses and how long will it take

ryleigh’s Avatar
ryleigh Mar 06 146 views

what is the most efficient way to get my BSN?

I'm a high school senior and I plan on getting my BSN and going into the air force as a nurse. Right now, I'm in the process of applying to schools and deciding on what exactly I want to do. So if anyone has any advice on what I should do that'd be great :)

Mckenzie’s Avatar
Mckenzie Mar 14 297 views

Is community college bad to have for nursing degree?

I would like to know if CC is bad to go to for nursing or if a 4 year is where I should be.

Irah’s Avatar
Irah Mar 13 158 views

Is learning how to be a nurse less stressful than any other job in the medical field?

I know there are different types of nurses but is it less stressful to learn how?

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Alicia Feb 22 183 views

Nurse hospital

how is it going working in this hospital?

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Feb 14 209 views

2. How long does it take to be a nurse practitioner?

I want to know how long it could take to be a nurse practitioner. Sometimes it could be long for others which will make take long because there is a lot of learning and exams.

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Feb 14 166 views

3. What is your favorite part of your job that you like as a nurse practitioner?

I want to know what is your favorite of doing your job for it is very fun because I could collaborate with people and have good relationships with patients and the people that I work with.

Niah’s Avatar
Niah Feb 17 248 views

travel nurse, is this job really as good as people make it seem?

people say this job is amazing and you make a lot of money but no one ever mentions the downside.

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Feb 03 255 views

What do you all need to be a patient sitter?

I just need to know

Gicela’s Avatar
Gicela Jan 24 177 views

How do I start training to be a travel nurse?

How do you start in college? what do you recommend and why?