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Kyrstin Feb 08 313 views

How do I get my jewelry business more sales/social media traffic?

I have tried TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. I know consistency is key and I'm also starting to do some more vendor events. I don't know how to be consistent and when I do I still get low to zero sales/traffic My goal for sales is 10 orders per 2 weeks.

tommy’s Avatar
tommy Feb 14 243 views

what does a regular day look like for culinary?

im looking to know what a day as a chef looks like.

tommy’s Avatar
tommy Feb 14 255 views

what are some abilities ill need to be a chef?

id like to work on my trade and work on the abilities id need as a chef

tommy’s Avatar
tommy Feb 14 219 views

what are some abilities ill need as an Italian food chef?

i want this job to be my end goal but I wouldn't mind going beyond that

tommy’s Avatar
tommy Feb 14 197 views

what does a regular day look like in a fancier culinary setting?

i want to know what a day in the shoes of one of these people looks like

Shaunte’s Avatar
Shaunte Feb 16 130 views

how will this journey go?

What am I going to encounter on this journey to get my rehabilitation therapy certification?

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Feb 17 172 views

How much money can I make per year as a Rehab Tech ?

in the city I am currently living the average salary per year for a rehab technician is 23,000. is it paid better somewhere else?

Aleksandra’s Avatar
Aleksandra Feb 17 213 views

What is the best way to pay off optometry school debt?

I will be an OD1 student next year, and I was wondering what other people's experiences are in terms of financial aid and paying off their optometry school debt.

Tanjina’s Avatar
Tanjina Feb 16 349 views

How do you separate your feelings and emotions from difficult decisions?

Hello, after spending some time searching for the ideal career for me, I discovered two that particularly piqued my interest: becoming a nurse practitioner and registered nurse. I realized how much I like helping people when I was very young, and I believe that both these jobs are the finest...