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Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Mar 13, 2023 207 views

What should I do, if I'm not yet decided on what to do?

what should I do if I'm not yet decided on what to pursue in my future? Im not quite sure what I would like to do and I'm on my second to last year of high school.

Renee’s Avatar
Renee Mar 13, 2023 265 views

What's the hardest/worst and easiest/best thing about college?

I'm graduating in a year and I'm worried about leaving what I'm familiar with. I want to know what things I should be aware about and also not stress over.

phong’s Avatar
phong Mar 13, 2023 186 views

is it possible to get Grade A if you had some work that were unfinished?

like it happened to me a lot but i want to know

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Feb 28, 2023 233 views

Help with Jobs?

Do you find jobs in your area after you graduate or before you do and how do you find jobs in your area that need help.

phong’s Avatar
phong Feb 27, 2023 164 views

how school places are different?

like when does it start to upgrade compare to college?

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Feb 27, 2023 191 views

What unique jobs are there for artists?

I want to see what I can do in my future

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Feb 23, 2023 462 views

Should I go into the medical field or become a writer?

I've always loved writing, but I've also always loved helping people. One of my goals in life is to have a lot of free time and freedom with my money, but I know I would only get one of those by becoming a doctor. I wouldn't have a lot of free time as a medical student and I'd work long hours...