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Raphael’s Avatar
Raphael Jun 09 399 views

How can I figure out what career is right for me?

I wanna make a lot of money, and I have knowledge in biomedical science, but am interested in music and philosophy. So I am not sure what to do!

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 08 161 views

How do I become my dream career?

I am trying to figure out how to become my dream career, but not quite sure how to get there. Any advice?

Elizebeth’s Avatar
Elizebeth Jun 09 357 views

how do you find work?

how do you find work?

Khai’s Avatar
Khai Jun 08 351 views

Why so difficult to get offer?

I’m almost done with my Masters in Mechanical Engineering I have yet to find a job. I’m currently unemployed and I have sent more than a hundred applications already and several interviews too. Why is it so hard to get an offer??? It is so frustrating

Yong Can’s Avatar
Yong Can May 12 187 views

What are the steps needed to take to become a software engineer ?

I need help and step by step to achieve my career goal

Ana’s Avatar
Ana May 13 234 views

How should approach this field?

How should i approach the field of psychology? Therapy/ counseling specifically? What should my classes look like and where can I take internships ect.

Arnold’s Avatar
Arnold May 12 206 views

Career tips

What should I do when I still don't know what to do for my career?

Abril’s Avatar
Abril May 11 143 views

Should I start my path in veterinary in highschool without going to a school that teaches me those skills?

When should I start my veterinary career? Im currently in 8th going to high school in september.

noah’s Avatar
noah May 11 133 views

what interning or ideas can i start, to help me work my way as a therapist. Also what would i want to major in if i want to be a therapist, would i prefer counciling or psychology?

i would just like to know what path i should start looking more into.

Khanh’s Avatar
Khanh May 10 99 views

How can someone best prepare themselves for a successful job interview in their desired career field?

I think this is an important thing too.