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Karan Rathore

Software engineer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Cj Jun 01 296 views

How do i become a software engineer

I want to become a software engineer, but I dont know where to start.

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Celso Jun 07 196 views

Could building a computer be called a job?

I'm very passionate about it, but among them, building computers is my favorite because I enjoy putting things together. However, I'm worried that nowadays almost anyone can build a computer by themselves and without their assistance

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Justin May 31 297 views

How do you get up everyday to go to work?

What is your motivator?

Celso’s Avatar
Celso Jun 07 310 views

what do need to do to get a degree on computer science?

in 2-3 years I'm going to graduate highschool and I want to get a degree for computer science