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Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 18, 2023 1951 views

Is it worth it to major in economics and minor in computer science?

Any insight into the field of majors, minors, certificates, double majors, etc would be appreciated. I hope to work in the macroeconomic sphere and have an interest in analyzing trends in data to advise policy.

Rahaf’s Avatar
Rahaf Jul 02, 2023 306 views

What should I focus on mostly during my freshman year or what should I be doing?

Am going to be a freshman this fall, I don't know what I'm doing or what interest me the most but kinda suck between traveling, nursing, engineering, or marketing

Luca’s Avatar
Luca Jul 13, 2023 394 views

How to network and get an IB bulge bracket internship?

I would like some pieces of advice on how to network/increase my chances to get an IB internship at a bulge bracket bank. I am an international rising sophomore at Stanford with perfect grades and relevant finance internships. However, I am not great at networking and know that it is super...

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Jun 28, 2023 589 views

Would getting a cpa be worth it in management consulting?

I'm pursuing the 150 just in case but would love some insight