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Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Jul 23, 2023 175 views

How do I fit the music I make to the style I like?

For more context I really enjoy indie, punk, and alternative rock but cant seem to make my own music like that.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jul 26, 2023 244 views

How may I get better at music ?

How can I make it as a music producer?

What do I have to do to get better at marching in high school band and play my instrument better?

Miles’s Avatar
Miles Jul 28, 2023 316 views

How do I make money as a musician?

How can I start a career as a musician? I want to perform live and have a fanbase, how do I do that and make money from it? I've been interested in music and singing for most of my life and have always loved performing and I think that's what I want to do.

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jul 23, 2023 230 views

What is the best way to go about college music auditions ?

I'm a rising senior and have played viola since 6th grade. I want to go into music education, likely becoming an orchestra teacher in the future, but am unsure of how auditions work for music education programs.

Tierra’s Avatar
Tierra Jul 05, 2023 179 views

How do I get a scholarship for music?

How do I get a scholarship in music and

alex’s Avatar
alex Jul 08, 2023 254 views

how do i go to college for music?

how do i get to college for music performance, what should i do, why should i go to college for it, and when should I start applying. I am in the 10th grade

Meghanne’s Avatar
Meghanne Jun 10, 2023 170 views

How do you get your foot in the door when auditioning for professional orchestras? Who can I contact to get information on auditions and music material? How can I start composing my own music? What are good websites or applications when trying to make a musical score?

I play clarinet for my school band and am currently learning Alto Saxophone. I have minimal experience in Oboe but I am planning or picking it up again as well.

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jul 07, 2023 270 views

How to manage time for K-pop training and university ?

How should I manage Time if I get training of singing and dancing and pursue bachelors in non music field .how to self study and do everything orderly ??

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Jul 11, 2023 249 views

How should I find a career for me?

I'm a recent college graduate with a Math degree and certificates in Art History and German. I have a lot of interests, but I'm mainly focused on the arts. I'd like to do something to help the environment through music, writing, art, religion, etc.

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jul 15, 2023 349 views

Where to learn to sing for free ?

I want to get better at singing but I can’t join any particular classes as I don’t have time any particular YouTube channel or site to learn singing??