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Bucharest, Romania
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Natalie Jul 07, 2023 441 views

How do you make enough money to save money?

One thing I realize is: People can make a lot of money yet they may not have enough left over to actually use on themselves. (even with six figure salary money) This can happen due to debt or necessary living expenses. (I totally get that) But the fact that someone making 250k a year can't...

Alante’s Avatar
Alante Jul 11, 2023 413 views

What are some good steps to make sure you remain successful in life?

What are some tips for me to make sure i remain successful in life?

John’s Avatar
John Jul 16, 2023 471 views

What are the best job opportunities today?

What are the best job opportunities today?

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Jacori Jul 23, 2023 386 views

What are some ways to start making money at 17?

I am in the 12th grade for the 23-24 school year. My parents want me to focus on school so they don’t want me having a job but i want to work. I really need help with saving money when i get i from my parents. I need money to invest in myself if i want to have my own business.

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Cassius Jul 20, 2023 988 views

What is your most valuable soft skill?

Entrepreneurs, what is your most valuable soft skill?