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Elizabeth Aug 06, 2023 589 views

How do I figure out what I want to major in when there is multiple things I’m interested in I’m scared of getting stuck in one spot and not being able to use my college major or experience to the best of my ability.?

Hello, I am a rising Junior. I am the president of future business leaders of America (FBLA) and a robotics captain. I am interested in business management, business law, graphic design, mechanical engineering, and computer science.

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Aug 14, 2023 522 views

How can I learn computer science, data science, machine learning, etc.?

Any recommendations for free programs I can apply to? How can get an entry-level CS job to improve my skills? What companies are likely to accept high school interns?

brandon’s Avatar
brandon Aug 24, 2023 1016 views

What college has the best computer science program?

I want to be a network engineer(junior in high school prefers a college/institute along the east coast). I wanted to know which colleges I should look at/consider and maybe visit, along with any courses I should take to peruse being a network engineer.

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Destiny Aug 02, 2023 314 views

What’s the best thing to go for when you want to play football in collage

What I mean by this is like what to study in case you don’t get the football career you want in collage