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Edmund Joseph (Ed) Mancinelli Jr

Management--Corporate Strategy
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Bedminster Township, New Jersey
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leandro’s Avatar
leandro Aug 25, 2023 442 views

how will i succeed in life

what do you need to be any if the choices i chose and how will i be able to do that and when will i succeed it

adriana’s Avatar
adriana Aug 25, 2023 573 views

how did you choose what you wanted to be?

how did you choose what you wanted to be when you selected your major for college? for instance i want to be a sports agents but im not sure what major in college i should choose to become one.

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Aug 25, 2023 474 views

Are CCP courses to get ahead in high school worth it for medschool?

I am a student taking college courses to try to earn the credits while I am still in high school

Anissa’s Avatar
Anissa Aug 10, 2023 318 views

What should I be?

What should i be?

fafo’s Avatar
fafo Aug 11, 2023 312 views

What classes/courses lead to working with any types of engineering careers?

I'm interested in studying for a career in that field but don't know where to start to find the work I'm looking for.

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Aug 11, 2023 509 views

Easy ways to make money?

What are easy ways to make money as a teenager?

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Aug 11, 2023 641 views

Which college major do I choose?

I found interest in beauty school such as esthetician school for skin care and beauty. I want to work more in the lines of that. I still will be attending a 4 year college but can’t quite know what major to go for to help with esthetician schooling? Which ones do you suggest enrolling into?

ahmed’s Avatar
ahmed Aug 11, 2023 701 views

what are some investment banking/finance-related opportunities?

I currently study finance at Taylor University, Malaysia. And am interested in investing, banking, finance, economics, and how money works. I was looking for opportunities to work in a related sector such as investment banking or banks in general. Still, I want to know which countries have such...