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Anna McCalpin, Ph.D.

Instructional Design
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Traverse City, Michigan
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John Xavier Apr 15 405 views

What are some routines you do to maintain a good health and be able to achieve your hard goals?

This question is for my curiosity of routines to help me maintain good health and manage my time.

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Apr 13 225 views

What are courses to take in college?

Enlightened me more about my career

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey Apr 16 341 views

Do you have to graduate college to get a good job?

Is it really true though?

Kieran’s Avatar
Kieran Apr 17 740 views

How can I get started in freelance writing?

I'm a high school senior who is graduating high school who is looking to make money to help pay my college tuition and my only experience is writing essays for class

Nabeel’s Avatar
Nabeel Apr 18 484 views

How hard is it to become a manager for a job?

becoming a manager is also something I've considered, but I'm not sure about it still

Roe’s Avatar
Roe Apr 18 697 views

How do I know what career to pursue?

I know pretty much what I like and dislike- but struggle to find something that fit me. I love painting- yet I don't really want to be an artist for living. I crave for academia life, and so everybody around me push me to be an architect. But I am not really sure if it's for me. The thing is,...

george’s Avatar
george Apr 18 702 views

how useful are computer skills?

how is the knowledge

Liberty’s Avatar
Liberty Aug 22, 2023 699 views

what is a great college for those who would like to major in psychology?

i would like to major in psychology so i can help others to make sure they don’t feel alone .

ladaimian’s Avatar
ladaimian Aug 24, 2023 312 views

how can I find out what I want to go to college for?

I don't know what I want to go to college for yet.