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Marvin’s Avatar
Marvin Dec 02, 2023 501 views

How can I be a good programmer and where should I start?

I have developed interest in programming and I'm not aware where I should start

john’s Avatar
john Dec 04, 2023 401 views

what is a computer program?

all answers are welcome

Don’s Avatar
Don Dec 04, 2023 503 views

What is a computer program ?

All answers are welcome please

Ginise’s Avatar
Ginise Nov 22, 2023 502 views

How to stop thinking about failure?

How do I stop myself from thinking about failure?

I know that if I don’t work hard enough in school I’m might be 40 working a job I don’t like when I’ll I want to be in life is rich and happy

kouma’s Avatar
kouma Nov 14, 2023 552 views

How do you learn recommendation systems?

hi,I'm trying to create a web application using a hybrid recommendation system, but I don't know how to study it.I'm trying to create a web application using a library called lightfm, which is said to be suitable for creating a hybrid recommendation system. I'm trying to do this, but I'm having...

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Oct 27, 2023 232 views

How can I manage life and work?

How do I have a successful life, while getting to do what I love with who I love?How can I work long shifts, raise my future kids, and keep my friendships, and have a happy wife with the long hours?

R’s Avatar
R Oct 25, 2023 288 views

Do I change my college essay topic or continue on?

I am in the process of writing my college essay on how the seeing the death of my dog (accidently ran over by a family member) affected me, how I wasn't able to grieve because I was too worried about the individual, and how seeing everything has impacted me with the overall lesson being that I...

Anie’s Avatar
Anie Oct 25, 2023 337 views

How do you know what career to go learn for after high school ?

Like how do you know what career to go into which one to choose as a major for an income .

Peace’s Avatar
Peace Oct 13, 2023 288 views

What can someone who graduated from mechanical engineering study in the tech space for MSc degree?

This is actually for a friend, After graduating from mechanical engineering, he went into the tech space, how he was to further in tech but don’t know where to focus.