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Kaylee Feb 06 745 views

How much do Film Makers tend to make?

How much do Film Makers tend to make?

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Feb 06 453 views

What is the actual amount of hours teachers work in a week?

Such as on a daily basis, or depending on the type of school or grade?

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Wyatt Feb 08 196 views

Is cattle ranching profitable?

Is cattle ranching profitable?

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Sam Feb 09 610 views

How do i deal with stammering?

My name is Sam, im 16. School has always been challenging for me because i can hardly express myself due to my stammering nature. Is there any stammerer out there? And does it get any easier in College?

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Corrine Feb 09 403 views

What is the average amount of hours people in real estate work each week ?

Does it vary since they work independently?

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Emily Feb 09 666 views

Is Counseling and Therapy The Same?

My Name is Emily and I want to be a Marriage/Family Therapist One Day. I was just wondering if counseling and Therapy are the same because I am having trouble comparing and Contrasting the two.