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Milo Apr 14 423 views

How could I break into the acting industry in highschool?

Hello! I’m a Highschool theater student and I was wondering how or even if I could go into the big time acting industry in highschool! I think I’m ok at acting so maybe it’s possible!

John’s Avatar
John Apr 06 339 views

What are the requirements for a career in music?

In terms of what, is it connection, voice

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Tina Mar 29 396 views

How do I gain more attention for my music?

I'm planning to become a music producer, and I would like to know some ways I can promote my music out there and potentially network with other artists.

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Asa Jan 19 916 views

How did you continue to pursue such a difficult career with everyone telling you to “have a realistic plan”?

I’m still a freshman in high school but acting is my passion and I’ve never been more sure of wanting to do something for the rest of my life so I just want to know. It might be worth noting that I’m also good at script writing which is the career my parents are trying to nudge me more towards...

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love Feb 01 417 views

what can help get confident ? I am not that good in my study's . I want to be an singer but due to my low class porformence I am afraid to admite I want to be a singer . Only my few close friends know about my dream . But I am afraid to show my talent because I am afraid people will laugh at me when they find out I want to be a singer.

I am taking vocal lessons. My friends tells I a and amazing singer but I a afraid to share it with the world.

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Wyatt Feb 08 494 views

How do I get a movie in theaters?

How do I get a movie in theaters?

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jaime Feb 08 489 views

how can i improve my singing voice?

i love singing but sometimes i feel like my voice dose not sound right or am changing my voice to much that it sounds weird so please help me

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 27 481 views

Where should i volunteer?

Hi, my name is Emma in in the 9th grade and i would like to be a lawyer. i live near Louisville Kentucky, anyone have input on where i should/could volunteer? :)

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Feb 15 874 views

How much does it cost to become a music major?

I want to become a music major. But, i don't know how difficult/ expensive.