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Basil Wilson

Musician and 3D environmental artist
Other - Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Roanoke, Virginia
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Georgia Mar 08 966 views

How often do you work on creating a Movie, Musical, Play or Tv Show? Late Nights, Early Mornings? How much money does it take and how much do you make based off of when people see the movies?

I'm looking for answers for a Career Project. Any and all answers are great. Thanks so much!

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molly Mar 02 373 views

What am I to do to live the american dream?

what part of life should I focus on to maximize resource utility and better myself

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Nathaniel Mar 03 503 views

Why is having a certification on Web Design not enough to get a job ?

I put in over 100th of application in online but i never get a response or an interview, on top of that how do i earn experience on the job o want if no one hires me to gain that experience.