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Kingwisdom May 13 258 views

How can I have BNSC in Nursing after acquiring registered nursing certificate?

A registered nurse

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LAURA May 12 251 views

How do I get started as a nurse with different experiences?

I used to want to be a pharmacist. I graduated a four year university and my grades weren't that good so I need to go to community college to retake some classes. I finally got a job as a pharmacy clerk after 3 years of unemployment after graduation, and I'm also a pharmacy volunteer at a...

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Malak Apr 27 266 views

What is the hardest part of the nursing program?#Spring24?

Hello, I want to pursue a degree in nursing with my bachelors and will be applying to Wayne state university bachelors of nursing program once I get done with my pre-read. And it’s 3 years. I want to know what will be the hardest part of the nursing program and how can I be able to look out for...

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Taylor Mar 25 306 views

Registered Nurses, how stressful does your day to day life get Is it easy to manage stress or hard??

High School student looking for advice.

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Camryn Mar 26 396 views

Is there any high school courses you would recommend for Nursing ?

I'm a sophomore looking for advice.

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raeley Mar 22 397 views

How much time and effort does it take to become a labor and delivery nurse, and is it mentally and physically exauhsting ? my favorite class is psychology so I enjoy stuff like that.

I would like to know how many people are successful as being a labor and delivery nurse. I would also like to know how hard it is to pass the classes required for the major.

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raeley Mar 22 286 views

how many tests are you required to take to become a labor and delivery nurse?

I am in 10th grade and I love babies and love helping people. I am in more medical classes next year that I am super excited about. I am interested to know if the process is super difficult?

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Isabella Mar 22 339 views

what is your day-to-day life like and how many hours do you work each day?

i am a highschool student looking for what the life of a neonatal nurse is

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Kiana Mar 17 536 views


My name is Kiana, a 17-year-old senior and my dream career is to be an ER travel nurse. I have not yet fully applied to any colleges because I am unsure of where to even start in order to enter that field. I was once told I would be required to take prerequisites in order to get into nursing...

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Kaidynn Feb 27 221 views

How does being a respectful person help me in becoming a nurse?

Hello, I am in 8th grade and I want some advice . I would love to learn more about the nursing facility. Your inspiration would be really appreciated, Thanks!

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Olivia Apr 02, 2014 1994 views

How do I specialize in being a labor and delivery nurse?

Im a senior in high school and was wondering what the steps are to becoming a labor and delivery nurse? #nursing #nurse

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Alisha Mar 13 554 views

What can I do to get my LPN license early and take online nursing classes while being in the 8th grade going on to 9th grade?

I really want to get my LPN license. I really need help with getting online classes so that way I can start early and work on to being a RN.

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gabi Mar 15 549 views

If I want to pursue my education after becoming a CNA what can I do nex ?

I am currently in a program to become a certified medical assistant however I would like to become a registered nurse. I am struggling with what steps I need to plan for or take in the near future