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Psychology and pre med student
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epiphany Apr 20 233 views

Can you still get a job in the medical field if you have average grades?

I’m a sophomore in high school who wants to be a nurse, but my grades are alright. i’m trying to work harder, but people around me tell me that my chances of getting into a good college are slim.

Ogunrinde’s Avatar
Ogunrinde Apr 07 300 views

What do I need to become a medical doctor?

I will like to pursue a course in college of health science called mbbs

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Apr 21 329 views

what his the best career options for someone interested in psych and law?

I'm really interested in legal aspects as well as psychology

Suhaylah’s Avatar
Suhaylah Apr 21 277 views

Questions for current/and majoring psychologist — why did you feel like the field of psychology was the best option for you ?

Starting with the first question ^ 2.) how long did it take/will it take to obtain your degree 3.) what kind of patients have you dealt with & what’s some essential advice you may give to patients despite them being different from one another 4.) what’s the best approach when starting...

Anavadhya’s Avatar
Anavadhya Apr 20 274 views

Does psychology have institutions where they offer it as professional course?

Like how people go to study CA and stuff.

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Apr 17 400 views

What should I expect from my classes?

I'm currently in high school and I'm interested in becoming a psychiatrist. I'm going to be taking a half year of psychology and a half year of sociology. Is there anything I should know before going into these classes to prepare myself.

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Apr 17 275 views

What Steps should I take in becoming a Psychiatrist?

Currently getting my Highschool diploma/GED and I'm curious as to what steps I should take next? What Should I major in? What Classes should I take? Any tips on studying? Could you explain to me step by step the process in becoming a Psychiatrist?

Elektra’s Avatar
Elektra Mar 26 530 views

What is the best choice?

Hello I'm Elektra, im in grade 10 currently contemplating what i should do for my future career what subjects are required to do forensic psychology? should i choose forensic psychology or something else or even just psychology? please help