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Marie Jan 17, 2018 982 views

How can you find your community in college?

I'm concerned that making lasting friendships will be much more difficult in college. I don't really want to participate in Greek life, and I'm not sure how many groups related to my religious and extracurricular interests will be available in college. I'm used to being around a small,...

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Aug 27, 2018 695 views

Do community service hours affect your college resume?

I go to a virtual public school where, unlike public schools, there is no number of mandatory community service hours needed to graduate. However, it is still possible to have volunteer hours in your school record. I want to know if community service can improve my chances of getting accepted...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Aug 20, 2018 1048 views

What companies will pay for college if you work there?

I've heard of companies offering tuition help or even sometimes fully covering your tuition if you are an employee there, but I don't know who most of those companies are. #college #career

Amenda’s Avatar
Amenda Jan 23, 2018 720 views

what is the meaning of life?

When you are at your senior year, classes get easier and workloads just decreased. However, when I sat in the car alone, staring at the school. Wondering what was the whole point, after struggling for 3 years, there's a leap relaxation. And after that, you do it all again with college and...

Brenden’s Avatar
Brenden Feb 08, 2017 1037 views

Is college fun?

In my future I hope to go to college. #college

Dessika’s Avatar
Dessika Jan 12, 2018 853 views

Is there anything that an incoming college freshman should know that any college website does not tell?

#college #collegefreshman #college-admissions

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Mar 27, 2018 2045 views

What are the benefits of going to community college before transferring to a university?

#community-college #college #college-advice

Jamal’s Avatar
Jamal Jan 15, 2012 52146 views

In order to become a video game designer, what courses would I take in college?

I really want to design my own video games as a career. I've already decided that that is what I want to do in the future. However, I do not know what courses I should take in college in order to become a successful video game designer. Any information would be useful. #career #video-games...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 22, 2017 1427 views

What do you do, when you don't know what to do with the rest of your life?

How do you know when you are 18 and starting to think about your major what you really want to do with the rest of your life? What if you are unsure? Did they talk to you about careers in high school? Mine didn't. It was accelerated, average, and vocational, oh wait and farmers. Maybe I...

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Aug 12, 2018 567 views

How should I save money in my last year of highschool for college?

#salary #help #high-school#college