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Marco’s Avatar
Marco Aug 16, 2023 239 views

When you are in the military what are some volunteer work that could be very helpful for you??

I heard that sometimes the military will ask for volunteers for something and I was wondering if any of them are really helpful to volunteer to, like learning another language.

Lilly’s Avatar
Lilly Aug 16, 2023 185 views

Is it possibleto geta scholarship without doing a sport that is available at my school?

I've always loved sports but none that are available at my school a big one for me is figure skating I am no where near a personal level but if I get better around my senior year I was wondering if there any programs or something that would pay for me to get through school

charlie’s Avatar
charlie Jul 14, 2023 555 views

How do I quit band when I'm in middle school?

I have tried sending an email to my band director, yet he seems not to want to even after I stated in the email that I do not want to take band anymore because it has become something I really don't enjoy as much as I did when I first joined. Should I email our principal? I'm really not sure.

Manleen’s Avatar
Manleen Jul 14, 2023 204 views

Which college courses or major would be best for preparing for law school?

I want to be a lawyer.

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Jul 14, 2023 205 views

Legal Studies and Law School?

If I want to become a lawyer will majoring in Legal Studies help me?

Will’s Avatar
Will Nov 09, 2022 344 views

What is a good degree to major in before I go to law school?

I want to go into business law, but I don't know what degree to major in before law school.

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Mar 11, 2022 508 views

How can I decide between becoming a defense lawyer or the prosecution.

I don't know how to decide between defense and prosecution, what are some push/pulls or pros/cons?

Auni’s Avatar
Auni Nov 20, 2021 490 views

What is it like being an estate planning lawyer/constituional lawyer/civil litigation lawyer?

I am currently trying to figure out what course to take for University in the near future. However, I am still indecisive about it, but I have been leaning towards Law (particularly, in civil litigation, constitutional and estate planning law) for some time now but, I am still hesitant about...