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Alexandra Jul 30, 2018 4308 views

Is neuroscience a good major?

Things you can consider for this specific question... Are there many job opportunities in neuroscience? Is there a lot of room for growth in the field of neuroscience? If you majored in neuroscience, are you happy with your choice of major? I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting...

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Destiny Aug 14, 2018 913 views

What’s the best major to pursue in order to become a neurosurgeon

I have little guidance from family members due to their lack of knowledge about college, therefore I’d like to have a better idea of what I’m getting into. I’ve narrowed down the choices to cellular and molecular biology and biomedical sciences. Are either of these two good choices or no? If...

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Hajira May 25, 2018 1495 views

How do I become a software engineer?

#engineer #engineering #computer-programming #software #software-engineer

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Anthony Jul 28, 2018 973 views

what if I wanted to go into computer science but couldn't take classes for it; how would handle that in college

Is there any classes I should take in college that could help me #computer-science #computer-programing #computer-engineering #cybersecurity #cyber-security