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Dana S. Apr 01 135 views

How do you balance your work and home life?

I am looking at pursuing medecine but I am not sure it is the lifestyle I want, since I am hoping to have a family and ensure I have time at home to spend with them. #student #medecine...


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Coleton H. Apr 04 152 views
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Taylor A. Apr 06 287 views

How do you start your own company?

I want to start my own interior design company after I graduate college and after I am more known for my design passion, but how do I do that? Would I need to work with other pro-designers? Will I need to start saving money soon after college? Should I work in a design company before starting...

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Reagan M. Apr 28 132 views

I am considering attending either a college of art & design or a college/university with strong art programs. Feedback from your experiences? TY

I draw in my free time and usually use marker and pencil. My favorite medium is charcoal....


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Lucia C. Apr 28 345 views

What is the best way to achieve your dreams?

I have really big dreams and it’s hard to think that they are possible, What is the best way to stay confident #college #college-advice #bigdreams #art...


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Ana A. May 05 341 views

What to focus on when you do not have a vision of what you want to work at?

I am a las year International Business Administration student, and while all my classmates are going back to the family business, starting a process, leaving for a Masters degree or finding jobs in normal enterprises, I have lost thrive and passion for whatever I can do with my degree and...

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danieh K. May 06 325 views

What types of jobs can I pursue with a background in economics?

Hi, I'm a 16-year-old high school student determined to get an education in the areas of economics and business. I have a huge interest in these subjects but I'm not sure what types of jobs I would be pursuing as an economist in the future. #career #economics #business #highschool...

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