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Kathleen Toomey

Youth Program Specialist at workforce development nonprofit
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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Nadia’s Avatar
Nadia Jun 09, 2020 421 views

Is there anyone with aquaponics experience?

I have have quite a bit of experience with aquaponics systems, and I am interested to see what people with professional experience think. Is it worth it? How big are your operations?

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jun 08, 2021 266 views

What are programs I can do to better prepare myself for college?

I am curious if there are programs that make me stand out from the rest when preparing for college. #college

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Jun 08, 2021 585 views

How Should I narrow down what major I would like to go into when I am not sure what to choose.

I am very interested in psychology and communications. I am good with people and do well in sciences classes so I considered being a nurse. I have always been interested in being a detective or analyst, I am just not sure what jobs I would be able to get if I went into Criminal Justice and...

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Jun 08, 2021 474 views

What else can I do to stand out to higher level colleges

I receive good grades and do extra activities, but I just want to be as prepared as I can. #college-advice

caden’s Avatar
caden May 14, 2021 297 views

What will it be like to be a mechanic?

My dads owns his own business and does cars and motorcycles and i wanna know how it will be like to work there for him? #cars

caden’s Avatar
caden May 20, 2021 439 views

how much money would u averagely earn??

If you where to work as a mechanic how much would you averagely make? #money #income #mechanic

Alex’s Avatar
Alex May 19, 2020 518 views

how do I go about platforming and laying out a website

I'm a entrepreneur and I am trying to find a good way to make and layout a website I make and sell spicy mustard ( sounds weird surprisingly big market) I've been selling for around 5 years now through email and social media but I'm really interested in getting a better way to have people order...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 14, 2020 617 views

When you are at an interview what are basic questions you should ask?

I want to be able to help set up events for teams. #soccer

Geneviene’s Avatar
Geneviene May 04, 2020 361 views

whats this about or for

im alot of thins ig.......#imalotofthins

Ian’s Avatar
Ian Apr 23, 2020 503 views

What are some tips on finding internships during this time?

I am interested in #human-resources