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Harshit Apr 29, 2020 866 views

How do you motivate your employees?


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Taylor Apr 21, 2020 992 views

What could I do to sharpen my design skills RIGHT NOW?

What could I do to keep busy and productive, and keep my interior design skills sharp? Are there ways to design without going out? (I know that with COVID-19 around I won't have as many options.)#career #design #interior-design #any

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Karan Apr 23, 2020 869 views

Did you choose your career path to better your life or to change the world?

21 year old Sociology major #careers

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Andrew May 02, 2018 815 views

How was your experience attending mission humanitaire program in Benin?

Me and my friends are planning to go on a mission humanitaire ( program in Benin. If anyone has any experience with such mission humanitaire program. Please share your experience. #missionhumanitaire #missionhumanitaireafrique #voyagehumanitaire...