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San Diego, California
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Gilberto Jan 25, 2022 317 views

What are some tools, or some equipment and the brands you strongly recommend to get at the beginning of your career in welding? and some you recommend for later on in the career?

#Tools any welding tools you want to recommend would help I can look into them and decide whats more affordable and maybe later on if I need a replacement or decide to switch maybe a more expensive one might be better.

mathari’s Avatar
mathari Sep 24, 2019 414 views

What major do you have to take to become an construction worker?

Curious about this job #construction #communication

Victwhon’s Avatar
Victwhon Jul 01, 2020 941 views

How can you become a better engineer?

I am a high school student.
I want to go to a divisional 1 college when I graduate from High School. #engineer #engineering #high-school #college #graduate-school

Shantasia’s Avatar
Shantasia Feb 10, 2020 9106 views

What's good questions to ask the employer when on a interview?

My name is Tasia im 22 years young from the city of Chicago ! Im always getting asked "any question for me" , and I almost never have any questions to ask besides " when do I start" ! #interviews