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Bowling Green, Kentucky

Within 40 mile radius
Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Feb 19, 2021 326 views

What degree would I need to work as a salesman for a seed company?

I’d like to help farmers be more efficient and get greater yields. #science #biology #agriculture #dekalb, #agleader #pioneer

Staci’s Avatar
Staci Jan 16, 2018 376 views

Being home-schooled, will I have a hard time transitioning to college?

I've been home-school since the 7th grade because my family travels a lot. I'm worried that I will have problems transitioning because I haven't been in a classroom setting since the 6th grade. #college #future #life-transitions

Angie’s Avatar
Angie Oct 17, 2018 410 views

What's the best scholarship website?

I am a mother going back to school and looking for the best scholarships #scholarship

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Aug 07, 2019 376 views

My name is Kevin Maupin and I am interested in the welding field.I could use some advice from someone who has experience in this career. Do you have time in the next two weeks to answer some questions I have about the welding field. Like what is a typical day in your job like? What do you like most/least about this career? Is your job typical of others in the field? How do people advance in this field?

I'm from Bowling Green, KY.#job

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 27, 2016 816 views

Is it possible to get into a pharmacy school after a rough start in college ?

I've struggled with depression and kinda dented my gpa. I was wondering if it was possible to get into a pharmacy school if I retook classes and did well in them and also scored well on the Pcat #pharmacy

Nafis’s Avatar
Nafis Dec 10, 2021 520 views

What do i need to do to create my own software

#engineer #software-engineer #technology #software-development #video-games

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 27, 2016 585 views

I want to go out of state for pharmacy school but I'm wondering if it's really worth the extra cost. Should I just stay in state ?

I want to know if it's worth the money #pharmacy

John’s Avatar
John Aug 18, 2018 307 views

How do you bargain for better scholarships?

As a high school senior, I’ve obviously approaching the time when I need to apply for college scholarships. What are some beneficial tips for bargaining for more rewarding scholarships from different institutions? #college #scholarships

John’s Avatar
John Aug 18, 2018 338 views

Is Honor’s College a good idea?

As a senior in high school who will be attending a college this time next year, I have been considering applying to honor’s college. I’ve heard that it’s a very rewarding experience but that it also adds extra stress to college. Is it really worth it? #honorscollege

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Sep 19, 2018 359 views

What are some of the majors in business that get the best jobs that have great salaries and in great need.

I want to major in business but want to have more knowledge in an area of business that makes a good salary and job leads. #bestbusinessmajors #businesssalaries #jobleads

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Sep 19, 2018 300 views

What the best business schools in Kentucky?

I want to know what schools in Kentucky that have the most business career graduates. #businessuniversities #businessgraduate

Staci’s Avatar
Staci Jan 16, 2018 594 views

Will I get my dream job going to a smaller University?

I found the perfect college, the only problem is that I want to get a great high paying job when I get my diploma and I'm worried that going to a small school might limit my future job options.
#college #college-advice #psychology #future-careers

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