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Dennis 2 days ago 33 views

Hiiii my name is Joy and I'm studying human physiology in Niger delta university, so I wanna do transfer, so I have two choices to make, nursing and medical laboratory science which do you think I should do, please I really need your advice

In my free time, I Love reading and listening to music. Music helps me calm down.

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Oritsetimehin Sep 23 33 views

What does my resume need?

If you are an international student wanting to study abroad, preferably on a scholarship, what are the key information your resume must entail?

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Peace Sep 21 177 views

What can I do with Anatomy?

Growing up, I always had this thing concerning health. Helping people feel better and happy and stuffs.. Now I don’t even know how to fit in.

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Konani Jul 13 92 views

What is the first step to passing Board exam for nursing?

In addition what qualifications do you need before becoming board certified?

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Juliana Jun 01 247 views

What advice would you give an accounting graduate who is trying to build a career in human resources Management? Or do you suggest she should just gave Finance?

What advice would you give an accounting graduate who is trying to build a career in human resources Management?
Or do you suggest she should just gave Finance?

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Hhy May 10 185 views

What can I do if I have conflict with a teacher?

How do I solve the feud between me and my teacher? I think she hates me and even if I do something good or get a good test score, she mark's it as an F. I didnt do anything to her; I'm just always quiet in her room since I'm a introvert I dont like talking to people. She recently moved me to...

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Ayo May 08 211 views

please can anybody help me out?

I have been learning JavaScript for the past 4months now the coding aspect, but I can't seem to figure out how to use it with my html and CSS.

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Udeh Apr 22 247 views

How can I get volunteering work on forestry?

Am just a graduate that want to have more experience on Forestry

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SUNDAY Apr 14 180 views

Will public health be a good career path for me as a graduate of human anatomy?

I am writing my final exams currently to graduate with a degree in Human Anatomy and there is great confusion within me, personally I love public health practice but again I am feeling I won't be accepted there because I have no medical degree i.e Mbbs degree, but that's what I want to do I...

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Rejoice Mar 06 122 views

WWhat job can I get with a degree in Education English?

Education and job

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Morenike Feb 22 146 views

How to continue education after years of education gab ?

How to obtain a low tuition fees university in Canada for 2023 . Thank you for this platform .

My second question is what’s the best route to take when you want to further education after years of educational gab .

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Nwachukwu Jan 15 228 views

Jobs in Canada with Diploma Certificate in Prosthetics and Orthotics Technology?

How can I get job in Canada

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Deborah Jan 11 245 views

How do i go about application for military after a degree in forestry?

What should I do to get into the military after my first degree in forestry

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Abdullahi Dec 31, 2022 231 views

How can an undergraduate get a full funded aviation scholarship in Europe?

Am a student at the Nigerian college of Aviation technology zaria kaduna state Nigeria.

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Paul Nov 30, 2022 390 views

What is career ?

Career goals

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