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Wautoma, Wisconsin

Within 40 mile radius
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Davise Mar 27 448 views

What is the best way to promote a telent as a future artist?

What is the best way to promote a talent as a future artist? Who is willing to become a film actor or actors singer

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Davise Mar 27 608 views

What is a best fit for an artistic teenager?

What is a good fit for an artistic teenager? Who is very artistic and wants to earn money. I only joined evolve me because it was Kool, I want to earn money and buy/earn stuff. I am not very good at writing. I cant write a paragraph for heck.

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ashlynn Jan 29 465 views

what classes should I take for a designer?

9th-grade designer classes

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Alexis Dec 23, 2023 784 views

How do I send college applications?

Question for careers.

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 01, 2023 362 views

Is it hard to become a dermatologist?

How hard is it to become a dermatologist and what should I major in to be on that career pathway? Also what are some colleges that you would recommend

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Ava Jun 20, 2023 228 views

How can I boost my acceptance rate?

IV leagues specifically

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Lawson Dec 16, 2018 592 views

Should I become a Junior emt?

I have been wanting and studying pediatrics in high school and I was told that if I got my credits early and would be able to graduate at the end of the first semester my senior year, should I study to receive this job and would it look good on a med school record?#children

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Lydia Jun 30, 2018 764 views

Should I take as many AP courses as I can in high school even if I do not major in any of those areas?

#high-school-classes #ap

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Lydia Jun 30, 2018 826 views

Why spend thousands of dollars going to college if the career I choose I end up not liking after I get out of college?


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Emily Mar 26, 2018 1107 views

What does one do with a Japanese major?

I really want to study Japanese -- it's been a passion of mine for a long time. The only problem is, I only know two jobs that I can do with that major, that being translation and a teacher. Neither of which sound like my cup of tea, so what other options do I have? #japanese #foreign-languages...

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Emily Mar 26, 2018 518 views

How do I focus on my studies yet also pay the costs of my college education?

So far, I've been to applying to scholarship after scholarship -- but those are based on chance. I don't lose hope, but I always want to be prepared with a backup plan! The cheapest university that I was accepted to is still far too expensive (even with financial aid) for my family to afford,...

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Mark Mar 14, 2018 606 views

How much time should I spend in volunteering on other peoples film projects while at college?

I want to know what a good balance should be #film

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Mar 14, 2018 680 views

Do most people working in the film industry study at a University or apprentice?

I am looking to go into film editing

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Holly Oct 31, 2016 705 views

How much do biomedical engineers get to help people? (ex: design new and better artificial organs/prosthetics; help a blind person see or a deaf person hear)

I plan on going to school to study biomedical engineering. I'm a really caring person and I need to have a career where I can help people, so I would like to know how good of a fit biomedical engineering would be for me. #biomedical-engineering

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Oct 25, 2016 1312 views

I am having a hard time deciding between architectural engineering and civil engineering.

Can you say some pros and cons of each? #civil-engineering #architecture #architectural-engineering

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