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Ella Aug 07, 2018 681 views

What are the best tips for upcoming freshman in college?

Tips to help freshman enjoy their first year in college. #CollegeFreshman

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Ella Aug 07, 2018 487 views

What are the best attributes to have when going into a business career?

Business careers like marketing, business management, and business law #Business

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Riley May 17, 2018 763 views

What is the best way to find a summer internship?

I would like to pursue a summer internship for next year. I really have no idea how to do this and would like some input on where to look, when to apply, and anything else that would help me find a internship. I am a math major and would like an internship in this field. #summer...

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Riley May 17, 2018 1603 views

Is a math degree good for a career?

I am currently pursuing a degree in math. I know that there are a lot of careers that use math these days like insurance, finance, statistics, and cryptography. Is this the best degree to ensure that I get a job in one of these fields? And, if not what else should I look at? Thank you. #math...

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Luchia Jan 22, 2018 777 views

How do I find out if there are available jobs in what I am studying?

There are some college degrees with no careers and it dead ends in college. How do i find out if what I am studying in college has a good career outlook and job availability. #engineering

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Luchia Jan 22, 2018 1111 views

How do I find a job after I graduate college?

I am not entirely sure what I should be planing on doing after I graduate from college. #engineering

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Angelique Jan 21, 2018 696 views

How did you study for the exams to get into Vet School?

While i was shadowing at an animal hospital one of the veterinarians had told me that getting into Vet school is very difficult and that i would have to stick with it because many schools may turn me down.

#Vetrinarian #veterinary #medicine #medical-practice

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Monica Jan 16, 2018 1618 views

What courses do I exactly need to complete my degree to become a sociologist?

I'm needing to know the answer because I need to plan for my future courses to complete my goal to become a sociologist. #sociology #picking-classes #college #academic-advising

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Jan 16, 2018 584 views

What how can I get or find other scholarship or grant programs for college?

I'm needing to know because I can not afford to pay for school and my have to drop because of it. #collegefunds

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Jordan Sep 28, 2017 736 views

Is it best to get a Masters now instead of just a Bachelors?

How long will I be in school? How much money can I make? #k-12-education

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Oct 30, 2016 812 views

What job opportunities are available to nuclear engineers?

I'm interested in studying nuclear engineering because (with my limited knowledge) it seems to me to be a great alternative to fossil fuel and nonrenewable energy resources when handled safely, but I feel as though the job market for nuclear engineers is small and there's a very specific niche...

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Oct 26, 2016 1077 views

How can I find scholarships that fit me?

Is there a trick to finding scholarships? Do you suggest specific websites? #college #money #scholarships #tuition #cost

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Oct 26, 2016 1375 views

What was most helpful in helping you choose a career path?

What classes did you take that helped you pick your major? What clubs or activities did you participate in in college? How/when did you know you picked the right major and career for you? #college #career #college-major #career-choice #career-path #choosing-a-major

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Katie Oct 26, 2016 2519 views

How hard is it to get an internship and be a student-athlete in college?

Is it possible to intern while playing a varsity sport in college? How hard is it to manage your time as a student-athlete? #internships #time-management #athletics #collegiate-athlete

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Oct 25, 2016 809 views

What country is the best to study abroad?

Is there a country that is better for college students to visit through an undergraduate program? #biology #study-abroad

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