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Career Questions tagged Pets

ted’s Avatar
ted Mar 20 222 views

how to become a vetenary doctor

i am studying 10 th std. i love pets. but i have no money. my goal is become a doctor but i havn't prepare.

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jul 08, 2021 304 views

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-Introverts(Usually not the one to approach people or start a conversation)
-Hate presenting in front of a big crowds
-Love cats
- like Music and the piano
-Love to read especially romance novels #music #introvert #pets

Alivia’s Avatar
Alivia Apr 05, 2018 353 views

What are things i need to know about being a veterinarian?

#veterinarian #smallanimals #pets

Jaydah’s Avatar
Jaydah May 14, 2016 1370 views

In the exotic veterinarian feild, what would be the biggest advantages and disadvantages?

I am looking to pursue a carreer in zoology and working with exotic vets. And i just want to know the benefits and the challenges. #chemistry #veterinarian #zoology #wildlife-biology #life-sciences #zookeeper #animal #pets

Jaydah’s Avatar
Jaydah May 14, 2016 630 views

What advice do you have for your people who are interested in studying wild life and becoming a zoologist?

I want to get involved and know if i should have a secondary skill so I won't starve while looking for a job. #science #job #veterinarian #animals #animal-health #wildlife-biology #wildlife #pets

Alejandra ’s Avatar
Alejandra Mar 17, 2014 1186 views

What schools can I look into for animal care services?

I'm interested in working with animals in the future and I wanted to know about where I could go or what I could look into for working with animals. Whether it is training, or nursing, or anything like that. #veterinarian #veterinary #animals #pets