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Allison H. Aug 16, 2018 184 views

Will I enjoy my college classes?

I am getting a elementary education degree and i love the subject and I love teaching but I was wondering if I would be worn down by my classes. Ive heard that its a relatively easy major but i wasnt sure. #education...


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Iqra T. Apr 18 790 views

Is there anything you regret not doing in high school/college?

Why didn't you do it and is it something you would recommend others do? #college-advice #college #highschool #highschool-advice...


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Jessica H. Jul 14 204 views

What career options are good for me?

I like being around and taking care of newborn babies....


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oriana O. Jul 30 266 views

What should my dream career be?

Hello there! I'm a student and i'm a little all over the place when it comes to my dream career. I know what I'm good at- I just don't what job I could use most of my skills in. When watching TV shows, I end up wanting to be the job in that TV show. But- not all of them made me feel that way....

#fbi #college #job-search #job #first-job #law #general #jobs #career

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Bao-Truc T. Aug 01 213 views

How can I manage my finances in college?

I don't have any financial knowledge on how I should be handling my money in college and I am not able to rely on my parents or ask them for help on such things. #july20 #collegestudent #finances...