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Darryl H. Oct 22, 2016 911 views

In the Computer Science/Programming field, are credentials more important than student projects?

I plan to get a Master's degree in Computer Science, Programming, Software Engineering, or a related field. However, a lot of people I've talked to in the Computer Science field have told me that a MS degree in this field is unnecessary, and potential employers will judge you more based on any...

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Jesel R. Mar 27, 2018 387 views

In a interview, how can you leave a big impression on your future employer?

Why I am asking this because I am currently looking for a job and I feel unprepared whenever they would ask me " What is my strongest quality?" or "What is my weakness?". Also, because this year I have applied to some hospitals to volunteer during the summer and I have always been rejected and...


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Tyler D. Nov 05, 2020 340 views

I feel like a total failure. How do I move on from here?

In high school, I got good grades. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. I got into some great colleges like NYU tisch, Syracuse, Pitt, UConn, PSU, etc. I'm the oldest of 10 kids, and from a poor family. My dads a janitor, and my mom is a waitress. I needed $7k/year to go to pitt (After FAFSA). My...

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Maya P. Nov 13, 2020 91 views

How can a high schooler obtain a machine learning/AI internship?

Where would a high schooler (assuming they have the necessary programming skills) find valuable internships in the field of ML/AI? What would make them stand out as applicants? #computer-science #summer-internship #internship...


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Kirthika P. Nov 18, 2020 86 views

What are the steps and goals to achieve the dream of becoming a doctor as an aspiring student?

I'm a class 11 student.I passionately took science as my major stream to achieve my goal of becoming a doctor(cardiologist). #doctor...


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Willian V. Nov 18, 2020 262 views

How do tech companies see a degree from an online institution ?

I have recently started my computer science degree at WGU, and I was wondering what people, companies, and experts think about online education nowadays. How does is affect a candidate in a possible job interview in comparison to other candidates who have the same degree in a traditional...

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Sameea F. Nov 19, 2020 109 views

For entry level Data Analytics job what kind of project should add in portfolio. #GivingisCaring

I did master in Information Technology and I want to do work in data...


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Hanan M. Nov 19, 2020 120 views

What should a pre-med student living in the pandemic do right now?

With the pandemic going on, all of my plans to build my pre-medical portfoli have been put on hold. What can I do to ensure I am still maximizing my time as an undergrad on the pre-med track (volunteer, job, internship, etc)? #givingiscaring #student #college...


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Elizabeth H. Nov 19, 2020 219 views

Which online learning communities would you recommend for gaining more business knowledge?

I am an accounting student, who would like to find an online learning community that would help me broaden my business knowledge, such as analytics, software programs, finances, economics, and other nonaccounting areas of business. I am very interested in this information at an international...

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Ugochukwu O. Nov 19, 2020 65 views

Advice in my desired career

What inspiring advice do you have for an undergraduate who aspires to become a medical doctor/surgeon? #medicine...


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Eugene V. Nov 20, 2020 136 views

How can I continue my education outside of college?

I am a nurse and want to work in compliance....