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Dra. Marisol Seguel Roa

Dental Surgeon
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Angelina Mar 09, 2017 2513 views

If you were going to rate your job, 1-10, 1 being horrible and 10 being amazing, what would you rate it?

So, you are filling out a survey for your job. One of the questions is, "Rate your job on a scale of 1-10, 1 being worst and 10 being best." What would you rate your job? Do you wake up every morning excited to go to work, do you just "not mind" working, or do you REALLY hate your job? Thank...

Cierra’s Avatar
Cierra Mar 10, 2017 1534 views

To be a dental hygienist or a dentist?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I am trying to decide what classes to take. I'm trying to take as many classes as I can if I decide I want to go to a four year school instead of just a two. I'm from Iowa and my biggest decision maker is how much I would make? I've read all over and there are...

Olivea’s Avatar
Olivea Feb 12, 2017 2165 views

Will hospitals hire high school students to work over the summer?

I'm a high school sophomore and very interested in science but I'm not sure if I want to go into medicine or not. I thought working at a hospital over the summer might give me some good ideas. Do hospitals allow 16-year-olds to work with patients? #medicine #science #high-school-students...

Diljot’s Avatar
Diljot Feb 21, 2017 1025 views

Where can I get a summer job in Canada?

I am currently 15 years old, in high school, and I am looking for a summer job. Where would I be able to find a place that hires at 15? Most places I looked at are hiring those at a minimum age of 16. #job #high-school-classes #summer-jobs #summer-job

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 19, 2017 661 views

How old is good to enter graduate school?

After graduation or work more years? #graduate-school

Aiden-Blaine’s Avatar
Aiden-Blaine Feb 21, 2017 498 views

Is it fun/well paying as a dental hygienist

Im in 6th grade and i am willing to be a dentist because my mom was one and she had a lot of free time and money #dentistry

Katia’s Avatar
Katia Feb 26, 2017 844 views

Is it possible to get a job in the research industry, not academia, with a PhD in biomedical science?

I'm interested in pursuing a job as a researcher and was wondering about whether it would be possible for me to work in research in the industry. #research #phd #medical-research #biomedical-science #science-phd

Brad’s Avatar
Brad Mar 02, 2017 716 views

I did not take science or biology or math and I want to do cosmetic surgery or dermatology when I am finished school can I still do it ?

I'm in high school and I've taken history ,business studies and art and can't change ,once I am finished high school is it possible if I can do science and math core in varsity ? #doctor #teacher #medicine #maths #dermatologist