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Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Victor May 28, 2021 199 views

How should I choose my career, based if interests or what I believe is possible?

I’m a 11th grade student who cannot find a career path to go down. I want to find a career that’s trade related but at the same time I have interests in being a nurse who can help others out. #career-path

Anil’s Avatar
Anil Mar 17, 2021 365 views

What did you generally have to do in order to become a pharmacist?

#pharmaceuticals #pharmacist

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio May 28, 2021 406 views

How do your earn extra money while in college

#money-management #money #business

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Shamario May 24, 2021 225 views

why would I need to do 4 years and not two years to become a police officer?

Hello , I'm going to be a senior next year and would like to know why would i need to attend 4 years of college instead of 2 ? I heard you don't even need college to become one.

#policeofficer #college

korey’s Avatar
korey Jan 21, 2021 478 views

would getting a pharmacy technician intership be helpful in my path of becoming a pharmacist?

Its one of the options I have currently
#pharmacy #pharmacytechnician #pharmacist

Sophina’s Avatar
Sophina Feb 18, 2021 342 views

What courses should I take in highschool to get a job in the medical field? (nurse, surgeon, doctor, etc.)

I'm a freshman in highschool and I want to make sure I choose the right courses in gr. 11 and 12 so I can possibly get a job in the medical field. #highschool #medical #nurse #surgeon #doctor #courses #surgery #professionals #medecine

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Feb 08, 2021 214 views

How can I get ahead and what should I do as a high schooler to start my career as a PA or NP ?

What can I do now ? #what now

Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Feb 11, 2021 263 views

How does one become/apply to be a traveling nurse?

I like traveling and know that it takes a lot of money, but I also would like to help people and not be stuck in one place for too long.
#student #anyone #everyone

izaiah’s Avatar
izaiah Feb 12, 2021 272 views

What do you have to do to be an accountant?

im a high school student looking for answers #high-school-students

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Kenth Feb 17, 2021 284 views

I Have hard time choosing my Course..

Lately my aunt asks me what course would I take, And then I realized I haven't thought of that, My mind is set on my plan to pursue Doing webcomic or maybe streaming, But lately I realized that the plan I have made is risky, But I don't know What course I would Take Because I haven't Plan that...

isabella’s Avatar
isabella Feb 17, 2021 278 views

How do you get started in real estate? Is it a good career?

I'm still in middle school, yet I have already had a plan since elementary. I was wondering what exact types of education and or classes, I would have to take in collage to buy real estate, flip it, and sell. If so how much do you make for the first few years, would it be good to have a...