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Jonah 17 hours ago 28 views

What's the kitchen like during rush hour?

what do u recommend as a company to work at?

what should I do to improve my skills?

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junhua Jan 22, 2022 206 views

What do I need for career?


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Selina Jan 28, 2022 179 views

How do you avoid creative burn out

I like drawing and I have ideas but when I actually get to illustrate them I don't feel like drawing anymore. It's been over a month since I've last enjoyed drawing. This happens year long too, I pump out tons of art when I feel like it and then stop for months. #art

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Nov 02, 2021 374 views

what can I get with a business degree

#business #business-management

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Anna Sep 16, 2021 227 views

How long do I have to be in school to become a marine biologist

Marine organisms are interesting and i'd like to pursue a career in studying them. #marine #fish

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Hope Oct 21, 2021 232 views

favorite thing to cook?

I'm Jalen I'm 18 years old #chef

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 28, 2021 226 views

What is your favorite kind of restaurant to cook in?

I want to be a chef. #chef

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Amy Oct 28, 2021 320 views

what are inspiration on creating new designs for a fashion designer?

I want to be a fashion designer for wedding dresses and quinceanera dress #fashion-design

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dominic Oct 25, 2021 209 views

what is one of the hardest things that you had to overcome in the culinary field and how do you think it made you a better chef or culinary field worker

in about 2 to 3 weeks I will be attending San Diego job corps in order to join their culinary course and hopefully become a chef
#culinary-arts #chef #cooking

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Samira Oct 26, 2021 214 views

I want to become a high fashion, runway model, where do I start?

I want to become a runway model and apart from getting my digitalis, headshots etc. done how should I start? Is it worth it to find an agent? #fashion #model

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Kalysta Oct 20, 2021 252 views

How can I become more motivated to read or write?

Sometimes I feel as though I have no motivation to read or write, even though I enjoy it. Does anyone know how I can gain that motivation? Thanks!

#reading #writing #motivation

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hannah Oct 20, 2021 222 views

what should i do if i want to do something with animals

#animals #zoology

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Kahleah Jun 24, 2021 222 views

What are used to people finally pick their career?

I know picking a career is hard but what age do people finally pick their final career that they want to do #career-choice

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Precious Feb 12, 2020 2337 views

What is the most challenging part of being a receptionist?

#nursing #receptionist
I am from oahu.

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moyahabo Jun 29, 2021 225 views

whatcan i be after matric or what to study after doing humanity studies

easy to connect with people and #any negosiative