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Andrew Ip

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Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
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corey Apr 10, 2019 4370 views

What questions do interviewers ask during an interview for computer science jobs?

Also, what questions should I ask them?
#job-application #career #computer-software #software #programming

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Elijah Jun 19, 2020 667 views

What is the general salary for most technology careers?

#programming #salary

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Javion Aug 04, 2021 717 views

What does it takes to become the best computer programmer ever?

#technology #programming #computer #computer-science #computer-hardware

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Myles Sep 14, 2021 545 views

What languages are most common in game developing, opposed to computer engineering in a corporate setting, if there is a difference?

I'm a student learning Java in a high school class, and have also learned python between experimenting by myself and at a summer camp. I want to know what languages, if any, I should be focusing on or if I should just try and learn as much as possible. #computer-software #programming

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Sep 28, 2021 661 views

What skills are important to become a Computer Programmer?

What languages are most important and does it involve lots of working in teams or is it mostly working by yourself? #computer #programming #computer-engineering #computer-science

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Hiyab Sep 28, 2021 1012 views

What makes your job fun or engaging?

I am 10th Grade student at Galileo High-school in San Francisco California. #career #money #technology #programming #developer

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Bryson Oct 19, 2021 986 views

What advice would you give to someone considering being a programer?

I am a sophomore in high school, who is taking college courses for programming right now from a local college. I have been interested in coding since 8th grade and now I feel like that is what my future will be. #college #college-major #tech #technology # #computer #computer #computer-science...

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Jamari Nov 04, 2021 451 views

How long did it take you to get to where you are? And What classes did you take?

i'm at student trying to get my degree in COMPUTER & INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGERS #programming #information-technology

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Calvin Nov 09, 2021 3308 views

Is there a "main" coding language that most programmers use?

As stated in my career goals, I would love to delve into the Computer Science field for my career and or future.