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Nurse: RN, MSN Nursing Education
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CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 06, 2023 523 views

How do I know that the career I'm going to choose will be right for my future?

I'm interested in becoming a registered nurse

This question was asked by a student anonymously

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sanaa May 24, 2022 547 views

In cognitive behavioral therapy is there a "best" way to go bout approaching people's mental health conditions?

I don't want to ever approach a patient in the wrong way and end up hurting them in some way, I know every situation is different but generally how should I go about talking to my patients

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Dec 13, 2021 922 views

What are the 3 most important things I should know before becoming a nurse? (LPN or RN)

Working conditions, hours, schedule, rewards, challenges, etc. ? #LPN #LVN #Nurse #RN #RegisteredNurse

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hargun Sep 15, 2021 460 views

What VISA do you apply for as a international student who is looking to take a job as a nurse?

I know that because RN is not considered a strictly undergraduate degree because you can become a RN without a degree, sometimes we don't qualify for H1 B visa so what VISA can I qualify for and apply for?


Cheyenne’s Avatar
Cheyenne Mar 28, 2022 498 views

What is some day to day task that a LPN has to do?

Hi was was wondering what are some common and uncommon tasks that an lpn have to do in a hospital or nursing home?

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summer Jun 12, 2019 623 views

is it hard

#rn #nursing

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Brianna Mar 21, 2022 642 views

How would you Treat an LGBTQ+ / POC in the health industry

The reason i ask this is because It is 2022 and the Medical Industry still treat there LGBTQ+ /POC nurse community with utmost disrespect by staff and patients which i find very hurtful why is that they cannot be treated with respect also .

Laquila’s Avatar
Laquila Mar 26, 2022 385 views

what will make a successful CRNA?

How would you be able to handle conflict ? while making sure you meet the goals so you can master the goals and requirements that your may meed to be the CRNA that you want.

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Cheyenne Mar 28, 2022 2904 views

How many hours/days do a LPN works in a week?

I there a minim or max hours/days a LPN can work in a week? I was wanting to work as a LPN while getting my bachelor's in nursing to get my RN. But I'm worried that I won't get enough hours/day.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 28, 2022 531 views

What does your weekends normally are like within your field?

I am on my way to getting a CNA and been wanting to be a RN with a bachelor's, and I'm wondering if I will have weekends off or if/when I have weekends if it would be like weekdays?