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Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 31, 2022 378 views

Can you put community service on your resume or even college application?

I have about 50+ hours of community service and I was wondering if I can use it for resumes and even college applications. Does it count as extracurricular activities or does it entirely depend on the project that I was working on. I was reading question about this and I remembered that I...

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Apr 22, 2022 308 views

How can I increase my connections in IT?

I'd like to increase my connections in IT to learn more about other people's experiences and have someone to go to in the future in case I need any advice or help.

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Apr 28, 2022 386 views

What entry level jobs could I take while studying computer programming in college?

What jobs would help me become a better programmer while still learning in college?

amir’s Avatar
amir May 05, 2022 295 views

is it too late to start looking at colleges at the end of you junior year?

is it too late to start looking at colleges at the end of you junior year?

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 24, 2022 278 views

Which would you say is better in your personal experience?

I'm a high school senior who's already been accepted into a Community College for Computer Science and I'm curious about other options I've heard of. So my question is, "Is college or coding boot camps better and why?"

Alantis’s Avatar
Alantis Jul 08, 2022 371 views

Concerning internships in college

When will be a good time in my college career to look for internship?

So24fia’s Avatar
So24fia May 06, 2022 667 views

How to make a good CV ?


I was wondering what makes a good CV.

I am a bachelor student majoring in computer science and minoring in business administration. I still don't have any work experience, how can I attract the real world with my CV?

Thank you!